Aims and scope

Aims and scope of Bikuben student journal

The aim of this student-driven journal is to provide an outlet for peer-reviewed, quality work made by students at BIO – as part of courses, theses, or projects. Students develop a range of interesting scientific reports, texts and products during their bachelor and master studies, and most of it is never accessible to others than the teacher and the student. Here we want to make the best of these works available to a broad audience.

For the student, a publication in Bikuben student-journal allows you to showcase your best work for potential employers, while exercising academic writing and the process of publishing in scientific, peer-reviewed journals. Any publishment here is a valuable bullet point for your CV. This is an opportunity to show something concrete to your future employers and help you to stand out as a strong applicant.

Here is a good place to get feedback, polish and publish assignments you have already invested much time into. You can also write about something you care about, independent from course-assignments at BIO.

The journal also aims to be a source of learning for the readers. If you are unsure how to approach an upcoming assignment, some of the contributions here can serve as an inspiration for your work and guideline for how to write a given genre.

Bikuben student-journal publishes a wide array of texts and products by students at BIO – see ideas for contribution formats here. The theme should be relevant to science or education taking place at BIO. All contributions are evaluated by the editors and need to pass the quality criteria defined here soon. Suitable contributions will be peer-reviewed by other students and the editorial board before publication.