Volume: Volume 2 (2022/23)

Picture of a farming site in Nordhordland featuring sheeps, trees and a farm in a Norwegian fjord 1

The beetles and the beasts

This study explores the interactions between domestic herbivores (cows, sheep, goats) and beetles in the fjord system of the Nordhordland Biosphere Reserve.

Photography of Pipizella viduata taken by Sara Rodrigues de Miranda 1

The Hidden Pollinators of Inner Hardanger: a study in Hoverfly (Syrphidae) Diversity, Abundance, and Phenology

Hoverflies (Syrphidae) are a family of flies of the Diptera order that provide a range of ecological services to agriculture. This report gives an overview of what hoverflies are, their importance to agriculture, and subsequently what services they provide to aid pollination and ecosystems. A description of species diversity, abundance, and phenology in inner Hardanger is provided.